Winnipeg Free Press — July 7, 1985

Shut your eyes and listen to Tom Petty and band
By Keith Thomas
Winnipeg Free Press — July 7, 1985

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers | Make It Better (Forget About Me)
Man, is this clip stupid. No wonder people complain about the effects of rock music on a person’s hearing. Petty and the boys are supposed to be playing in some woman’s year in this chilish effort. She even flushes Petty out with an oversize Q-Tip. Gross! It’s really a shame this clip is so bad because the song is great. Petty’s Southern growl and the harmonies are fabulous. The Heartbreakers and the horn section are heavenly. Mike Campbell’s ringing guitar is explosive. I must admit, I did like the scene with the guitars falling from the sky — make that her head. I’m just sorry the video stinks because the song certainly doesn’t. Buy the record and forget the video. Oh, yeah, better check your ears. You never know who might be filming a video in there.

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