The Stony Brook Press — January 23, 1995

Top 50 songs of the 1990’s (So Far)
By Ted Swedalla & Scott J. Lubsy
The Stony Brook Press — January 23, 1995

This list of top 50 songs of the 90’s was decided upon by the Editor-in-Chief and the Managing Editor of The Press. It is neither an end all or be all list of songs, just a list that suggests how music in the 90s’s evolved. The presence of many bands from Seattle or that embody the “Seattle sound” show how much influence ‘grunge’ [boy do I hate that word] had on the first half of the decade. Do not read the next paragraph.

Don’t listen to that dork — this is the list. Anyone who doesn’t agree can write us at The Press, care of the Editor-in-Chief — he’s responsible for all incorrect reviews.

32. Mary Jane’s Last Dance — Tom Petty — “Oh my my, oh hell yes,” that’s all you need to sing this song, over and over and over…
Kim Basinger as a corpse, hmmm… I’d probably consider necrophilia at this point too.

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